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20 years ago media consumption focused on radio, TV and print. Today everybody is online everywhere - media is mobile, spontaneous, variegated and changing constantly.
Such change is in need of offers that embrace those trends and people who are able to work with them. Media solely produced by journalists and production teams won’t work anymore. Media innovation happens when a variety of fields work together in one place: journalists, designers, media technicians and software programmers.


A place for ideas

Media.lab is creating a collaborative space. It provides the necessary infrastructure and support to bring forward digital change. It addresses to people who want to change media today and not tomorrow. Talents can find a co-working space and try out their ideas in social media, mobile media and new journalism. The outcome might be an app, a new tool for media production or a whole new approach to media consumption - no matter what, the lab supports promising ideas and provides software programmers that help with realization. Teams can apply for a scholarship to work on becoming a media-startup fulltime.


Interdisciplinary approach

The participants of media.lab not only benefit from a fully equipped working environment, but especially from the interdisciplinary approach. Media.lab is supposed to be a place for creative people who want to try out and work on ideas and prototypes together. It’s open to everyone who is passionate about media and wants to try out new things.
Media producers also benefit from this pool of talents: they bring in ideas and take out working products. Investors have the possibility to profitably enlarge their portfolios.


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