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Multimedia, Crossmedia, Transmedia – not only buzzwords, but media itself is changing rapidly. It’s available everywhere on mobile devices and editorial offices communicate with their readers in social networks. Video, text and audio aren’t used separately anymore but are now merged in order to tell stories. The power to compete is sustained by those who participate in shaping digital transformation.

The initiative INNOVATE:MEDIA by BLM gives radio- and TV producers the necessary support to adapt to today’s major changes. It advocates courage to take part in the innovation process and presents ways how media can evolve.

The core of INNOVATE:MEDIA is the belief that there’s a multitude of collaborative aspects to digital innovation. Without journalism there’s no content, without media engineers no production, without programmers no digital translation. INNOVATE:MEDIA brings all those fields together to turn ideas into innovation and innovation into profitable media.

The initiative consists of five projects that all have their own unique approach:
  • media.lab is the space for media innovation in Bavaria, a mixture of co-working and scholarship
  • media.projects teams university groups and local media to work on innovative projects
  • media.connect links young talents with media professionals
  • media.fwd presents best cases is innovative media
  • media.innovations is the yearly gathering of media producers who think ahead of their time



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