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Media.projects connects the talents of tomorrow with today’s challenges. Particularly local editorial offices struggle with finding time for more challenging new media projects. This is where media.projects comes into play – it connects universities with local media producers. Five Bavarian universities set interdisciplinary teams that produce innovative products for local broadcasters.


Collaboration with universities

Whether it’s an app, a social media strategy or a whole new toll for multimedia storytelling – the project revolves around the needs of broadcasters and the capabilities of students. Each university team will work with one broadcaster. The students have three months to develop a product or a working prototype. After the development phase the best team will be elected by a jury and will receive the media.projects award which carries a value of 3000 Euros. The completed prototypes and projects are accessible to the broadcaster even after the project ended and thereby help pushing innovation forward.



Universities and local radio- and TV stations can apply for a spot in media.projects. Applications by universities should include a short description of the capabilities and ideas of each team. Media.projects ideally should be implemented into the university’s seminar schedule and be taken care of by a teacher.



Stefan Sutor
Strategy & Digitalization
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