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Consumer information

Issuing licences, monitoring programmes or granting permits for transmission - this is the everyday work of the BLM. Keeping the general public and the expert world informed on developments in Bavaria and beyond is another objective of the BLM.

The BLM sees itself as an information platform for various interested parties and therefore aims at making its work transparent and opening itself to all of them. For viewers and listeners interested in issues concerning the allocation of cable capacities or in a specific service, the BLM has set up a "public phone". Newcomers starting work in the media or job seekers in the industry can consult the BLM's website for training opportunities and job vacancies available in private broadcasting stations in Bavaria.

Experts from the media sector can obtain information on a wide variety of issues in numerous publications and during special events organized by the BLM. In its information policy, the BLM not only concentrates on Bavaria but also at developments on the national market and beyond.

The public phone: our link with the world

The public phone of the BLM is its link with the world. The questions and reactions of the callers provide an excellent view on how the general public perceives the BLM and its work. While answering the questions raised, the staff of the BLM will also inform callers about the remit and the functions of the BLM. Additional information is provided via the internet and in various publications.