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Media literacy & media education

Enabling people to analyse, evaluate and create media and messages is a key goal of the BLM. Therefore it supports projects geared towards this objective. The projects focussing on media education and media literacy aim at enhancing the competent use of the media by children and adolescents.

One project involves working with minors pro ducing their own radio, television and video broadcasts, e.g. in the project series “In eigener Regie” which is organised by the BLM in cooperation with the Munichbased Institute for media research and media education (JFF). “Stiftung Zuhören”, a foun dation aiming at teaching proper listening, is just one of the projects in which the BLM is a partner furthering media literacy.

Among other things, the BLM founded the association “Programmberatung für Eltern” which provides assistance for the television consumption of children via Flimmo, a guide published three times a year and updated in its online version every fortnight.

“Forum Medienpädagogik” functions as a stage for dialogue and discourse. The members of the Forum – members of the Media Council and its public-sector counterpart, the BR Broadcasting Council – deal with the contents, methods and parameters of media education as a social obligation.

In 2008, the BLM founded the “Stiftung Medienpädagogik Bayern” in order to interlink and to coordinate the players and institutions that are dedicated to the promotion of media competence in Bavaria. The foundation aims at communicating a self-determined, active and critical media use. It therefore aims at intensifying the interdisciplinary exchange among politics, economy, science, culture and religious denominations.