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Programmes & services

The Bavarian media law specifies that the BLM contributes to the diversity and quality of commercial broadcasters, inter alia, by promoting the production of certain types of programmes or services or by supporting to technical infrastructures. In addition, the BLM is required to further media education and media literacy.

Ensuring the diversity of services not only means a wide range of different services but also a diverse range of broadcasts in each service. To this end, the BLM furthers the production of programmes covering cultural, economic, social or religious issues in commercial services in Bavaria, thereby aiming at the highest-possible amount of own productions.

Private broadcasters in Bavaria may apply for funds for the production of high-quality broadcasts and broadcasting series. Every year, the BLM lays down a theme on which the private radio and television stations are expected to give wide coverage in their services.

Local television stations are supported also by the Bavarian budget; Bavarian-wide television stations are supported by the national broadcasters. The BLM organises and distributes the funds for the television programmes.

BLM Local radio and TV awards

Journalistic quality in the services of commercial local radio and television stations is honoured by the BLM with radio and television awards which are presented during the Local Broadcasting Conference held in Nuremberg every year. There are also prizes for the best advertising spots in the local radio and television broadcasts