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Media economics
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Media economics

The analysis of media economics helps to refine and to further the concepts developed by the BLM for commercial radio and television in Bavaria. The BLM uses these data to examine and to revise the concepts with a view to the economic viability of the stations. For this purpose, the economic situation of the local radio and television broadcasters is analysed every year in a continual process.

Another measure in this respect is the study on the staffing and economics of broadcasting in Germany which the BLM coordinates. The study “Beschäftigte und wirtschaftliche Lage“ pointed out that the Bavarian labour market was stable overall, despite downsizing tendencies in economically difficult times. The turnover of commercial broadcasters developed in a positive way: Launched in 1995, the private radio stations in Bavaria generated profits. Although it experiences a phase of consolidation, Bavaria and especially Munich remain among being the most important European centres of the media industry.

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