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Protection of minors

The BLM monitors the services it has licensed to ensure that the broadcasters comply with the regulations for the protection of minors. The Interstate Treaty for the protection of human dignity and the protection of minors in the media (JMStV) prohibits any infringement of human dignity, the glorification of war or the transmission of pornographic contents in any television broadcast.

Its stipulations cover broadcasting contents as well as services provided via the internet. Consequently, the BLM is also in charge of online service providers located in Bavaria. Content that could harm the development of children is subject to restrictions in transmission times or to technical access control.

Control over private broadcasting and internet services is concentrated under the roof of the Commission for the protection of minors in the media (KJM). If the KJM finds that the regulations for the protection of minors have been violated, it will decide what measures are to be taken against the provider. The measures will then be executed by the regulatory authority in whose area of responsibility the pro vider is located. Under the remit specified in this respect for the regulatory authorities in the JMStV, they can impose sanctions ranging up to 500.000 Euros.

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