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We inform

With so much fake news and disinformation circulating today, access to reliable information is more important than ever in the digital world. The local radio and television stations in Bavaria, for example, are good sources of high-quality and well-researched information about local events. The BLM is also particularly invested in promoting information literacy among all users of media with how-to guides and other initiatives. Using a variety of communication channels, the BLM also makes an effort to keep the public informed about its duties and positions both online and offline.

In addition to press releases, the BLM publishes the media magazine “tendenz”, its annual reports, how-to guides and many other publications. The online resources provided by the BLM range from the authority’s website and its various newsletters to social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Hosting events is another key element of the BLM’s public relations efforts. Highlights include the industry conferences MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN and “Lokalrundfunktage”.

MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN, which takes place in Munich every October, is one of the most pioneering events in Europe’s media and communications industry.

The radio and television conference “Lokalrundfunktage”, which takes place every July in Nuremberg, is the most important networking event for the local radio and TV broadcasting industry in Germany. It focuses on the one hand on programming and marketing issues relevant to local radio and television broadcasters, while also providing a platform for broadcasters and service providers to present their products to promoters in the accompanying trade show.