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We research

Targeted media research provides data on the opportunities and risks associated with commercial broadcasting in Bavaria. To obtain this data, the BLM commissions studies on such topics as the audience reach of particular radio or television offerings, the utilization of available advertising resources and different ways to improve programming or services.

The BLM conducts media research from two angles: quantitative research into audience reach, including media consumption data, and qualitative research on programming content.

The annual research project "Funkanalyse Bayern" (FAB) collects audience reach data for all radio and television stations, as well as data on Internet use, and presents the results at BLM’s Lokalrundfunktage conference in Nuremberg. In order to obtain data on the image and appeal of each program, the researchers ask listeners and viewers to share their expectations in terms of programming and their views on specific programming content.

Media business performance

Analyzing media business performance helps the BLM refine and further develop its initiatives for commercial radio and television in Bavaria. On the basis of the data from these analyses, the BLM can examine and update these initiatives in an effort to improve the economic viability of the broadcasters it licenses. The BLM conducts ongoing analyses of the business performance of local radio and television broadcasters every year.